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Desc: A trip to the zoo with a toddler should be fun. So, it is better to be equipped with vital parental tips so you and your family can make most of this trip.


Visiting a Zoo with a Toddler
England boasts some of the best zoos in the world, and when going with a toddler, a bit of planning can go a long way. Whether you are a parent of a nice little angel or a group of daredevils, a trip to the zoo can go downhill quicker than a puma chasing a squirrel. So here are a few parental strategies for survival when visiting the zoo with a toddler.

Stick to the Petting Zoo
It is certainly tempting to take your toddler to see bears, lions, and tigers, but these creatures live in rambling landscapes which makes spotting them tougher for toddlers. It is much better to take your child to the petting zoo because these little ones can see animals by going near and even interact with them. If your tot wants to see safari animals under any condition, consider going during schedule feeding times or speak with a trainer so you can get a good view.

Don?t Feed People Food to the Animals
Animals eat animal food, which typically makes sense to your tot who may be excited to share his cookies with them. Explain and enforce that animals eat special food made for them. If your child is anxious about feeding, buy some feed from the petting zoo and let them nibble. Make sure to keep a hand sanitizer with you or wash your toddler?s hands right after the feeding frenzy.

If you have planned a really fun trip for your toddler, make sure you have set your budget. Or you can also try some of our awesome zoo discount codes to give your child the most enjoyable experience.

Teach Your Tot to Use His or Her Senses
Motivate your toddler to activate and use all his senses, except taste, obviously! Ask questions like how the coat feels, as he cuddles the lambs, scratchy or fuzzy? Are those monkeys loud? How does the llama smell? You are likely to get ?Stinky? in response. But that?s how it goes usually. These simple questions can really engage children at the zoo to learn by having fun.

Walk and Talk
Children love to imitate. Therefore, a trip to the zoo is the best to engage your tot to practice his mimicry skills. Challenge your little one to walk like an ape or trumpet like an elephant. Once you are home, ask your child to name the beast as you imitate the animal.


A trip to the zoo with a child can be a wonderful experience or a rough ride, it all depends on how you plan to do it as a parent. If you are looking for more exciting options to keep your and your family?s spirits high, use some great entertainment discount deals in the UK with QuidCode.

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