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Basic Things Creative Writers Need on Their Desk

Musicians need an instrument to play on, music notes, and audience; painters need a canvas, paint, brushes, and glaring thoughts begging to be painted. Similarly, writers need an artistic medium of their choice.

It is obvious that a writer needs a pen, paper, and an idea, but it is not as simple as it seems. Writers need something to be inspired of, but tracking down and bottling that inspiration somehow varies for every writer. On one hand, they simply go with a dictionary and thesaurus for letting their thoughts out, and others need a beautiful view through the window, cool breeze, sipping hot coffee, and comfortable ambiance. These are just the basics. Here are a few things every creative writer wants on his or her desk to unwind and unleash their thoughts on a piece of paper.

Fresh Flowers or Live Plants

Plants are not only good for improving indoor air quality, but they also help in decreasing stress to increase productivity. You can get a fresh bouquet from the store or even have a flower pot set by your window which?ll make your room smell amazing. You can also opt for a live bonsai tree.

Notebook and Favourite Writing Tools

You?ll need empty pages to let all of your brilliant thoughts out, but they may not be ready for your book yet. Opt for a notebook or scratch pad to record your ideas you?ll need later, or just doodle when you find yourself stuck in the storm of words.

If you are find of notebooks and pens of different types and colours, opt for cheap office supplies discount offers in the UK at QuidCode.

A Favourite Mug to Sit Atop Your Desk

Everyone has that favourite mug they like to have on desktop. Maybe you?ve got it on your best holidays, it has a funny quote to keep you motivated, or a printed a kitty ? your writing desk simply needs a cute mug that makes you feel wonderful.

Inspirational Quotes and Photos

Not all, but most writers can?t write in a room with bare walls, so adding a sign or a motivational quote can be a good idea. You can also write your own inspirational words in a beautiful font, or print out eye-catching nature photos from the internet, either way, make your walls look creative that gives nice vibes and can help you stay motivated.

Daily Planner

Having a writing schedule is like a Bible for a writer. If you write a few days a week or need to keep track of your schedule, having a daily planner can be a blessing.

Some of Your Favourite Books

Keep a few of your favourite books near you, just so you can read a couple of pages to gain your calm when you are loaded with thoughts that keep on swirling in your mind. It could also help you work out the smallest detail of the book you are working on when you face the ?writer?s block?.

These are just a few of many things that keep a creative writer inspired, motivated, and calm when working on his or her wonderful piece of writing for the world. Turn to QuidCode to get amazing office supplies discount deals if you want to equip or upgrade your work station with appropriate tools.

Office Supplies Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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